Astral Spriggan Beyblade Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

If you're a fan of Beyblade battles, you've probably heard of Astral Spriggan Beyblade. With its unique burst system and left-spin rotation, this Beyblade has quickly become a fan favorite. But is it worth your money? In this review, we'll take a closer look at Astral Spriggan Beyblade and help you decide if it's the right Beyblade for you.

Burst System

The burst system is one of the most unique features of Astral Spriggan Beyblade. When hit hard enough, the energy layer of the Beyblade bursts open, sending parts flying and giving the opponent a point. But Astral Spriggan Beyblade has a unique feature that sets it apart from other burst system Beyblades - it can absorb the shock of a hit and prevent bursting, giving you an advantage in battles.

Left-Spin Rotation

Most Beyblades rotate right, but Astral Spriggan Beyblade rotates left, giving it an edge in battles and making it difficult for opponents to predict its movements. This left-spin rotation also allows for some unique combinations with other Beyblade parts, giving you even more customization options.

Compatibility with Other Parts

Speaking of customization options, one of the best things about Astral Spriggan Beyblade is its compatibility with other Beyblade parts. The energy layer, forge disc, performance tip, and driver are all interchangeable with other Beyblade parts, allowing you to tailor your Beyblade to your play style and take on any opponent that comes your way.


Astral Spriggan Beyblade has a sleek, modern design that is sure to turn heads in the arena. The black and gold color scheme is both eye-catching and intimidating, and the energy layer has a unique shape that sets it apart from other Beyblades.


So, how does Astral Spriggan Beyblade perform in battles? In short, it's a force to be reckoned with. The burst system and left-spin rotation give you a significant advantage in battles, and the ability to absorb shock prevents your Beyblade from bursting and losing points. And with the customizable parts, you can tailor your Beyblade to your play style and take on any opponent that comes your way.

Value for Money

Now, let's talk about the most important question - is Astral Spriggan Beyblade worth your money? The answer depends on how serious you are about Beyblade battles. If you're a casual fan who occasionally battles with friends, then Astral Spriggan Beyblade might be a bit too expensive for you. But if you're a serious Beyblade enthusiast who competes in tournaments or battles regularly, then Astral Spriggan Beyblade is definitely worth the investment.


In conclusion, Astral Spriggan Beyblade is a powerful and unique Beyblade that is sure to give you an edge in battles. With its burst system, left-spin rotation, compatibility with other parts, and sleek design, it's a top choice for serious Beyblade enthusiasts. And when paired with the Beyblade Burst Quaddrive Set B188, which includes Astral Spriggan Beyblade and Jet Wyvern Beyblade, you have an unbeatable combination that is sure to dominate the arena.

So, is Astral Spriggan Beyblade worth your money? It depends on your level of commitment to Beyblade battles. But if you're serious about Beyblade and want to take your battles to the next level, then Astral Spriggan Beyblade is definitely worth the investment. Order yours today and become a Beyblade champion.

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